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OUR Apartment  Renovations

Apartment Renovations Sydney - What we delver. 

Fine Touch Group is a family-owned company that focuses on delivering impeccable and outstanding apartment renovations throughout Sydney. With many different home owners, every delivered apartment renovation is governed by the personal preference and taste of each owner. 

To guide home owners in their apartment renovation, our team is tailored to suit your apartment renovation needs through every step of the way. Our apartment renovations are covered from the design aspect all the way to the project management side of things. With an experienced team of project managers, we are with our clients in every step of the way in their apartment renovation. 

Director Claude Bechara accompanied by leading project manager Richard Bechara prove what a powerful father and son relationship can do on site. Both parties offer and exclusive skill and mind set in their dealings with clients from the design and functionality stage to the final steps of an apartment renovation. Through such experience offered by the two, clients are offered with a world class adventure in designing and building their apartment renovation.

To view some of our past projects, please visit our page; Gallery to visit some of our latest and past apartment renovation projects. 

Although the title of apartment renovations may sound quite easy and straight forward - there are its own sets of challenges and obstacles for home owners. Being a lot owner, you may have the title of owing the property or apartment but its easy to get mixed up. Lot owners do not have the same title as owing a house as they share numerous lots in the apartment block with other home owners or tenants.

This is why it is fundamental to work with the Owners Cooperation. This is where the Strata approval process comes in which is mandatory in every apartment renovation. The Strata essentially factors in important aspects such as noise requirements and practical logistics of the apartment renovation. This is fundamental as it ensures all residents such as home owners and tenants are informed of the upcoming renovation works and are completely aware so there are no surprises. 
With an experienced apartment renovation team such as our own all challenges and obstacles in the renovation are considered and prevented through our experience.

With effective project management techniques in place coupled with an experienced eye to detail - we deliver the apartment renovation on time, within budget and to a high standard. Clients only deal with us as the renovation firm which minimises the headache attached such as following trades, chasing sale representatives and dealing with strata. We are capable of project managing your apartment renovation from start to finish. 

It is important to trust your builder in this current day and age - we have all heard scary stories of local builders doing the runner. The quality in our work can be seen through our many trusted and certified reviews by private owners and real estate firms who have been dealing with us for over 20 years. Our trades are all licensed and experienced. They all hold insurances and are more than capable in delivering your apartment renovation to success along with our successful project management. However, as stated above - clients will only deal with us.

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Planning & Execution of an Apartment Renovation 

In all apartment renovations, challenges and obstacles are always presented in certain times throughout the renovation. These can be derived from questions of practicality that must be answered prior to the apartment renovation. These include: 

  • Waste management? Where will all the waste and debris go created from the apartment renovation? Will there be a skip bin or waste truck to remove the rubbish? 

  • What are the times work can commence in an apartment renovation? How can I ensure that my apartment renovation is neighbour friendly? 

  • How will certain materials be delivered on site to the apartment renovation? These materials can include kitchen cabinetry, tiles, appliances ect. 

  • Where will contractors park? What if there are numerous subcontractors on site? 

  • How will common areas be protected in the apartment renovation? What about the lift? How will these things be maintained and protected? 

  • What if mains need to be turned off due to the isolation valve? What is involved? 

  • How long will a typical apartment renovation take? 

  • Who will be my elected project manager for my apartment renovation?

An elected project manager from the apartment renovation team will go through these questions with the client and ensure that all questions are answered in a timely manner. This will ensure that there are no surprises in the apartment renovation and all potential delays and conflicts with the Owners Corporation & Strata are avoided. This will also familiarise our team and our in-house sub-contractors with the apartment renovation.

Understanding the Strata By-Law Process 

Confronted with every apartment renovation is a strata scheme which requires the owners and occupiers to adhere to certain by-laws if they are interested in renovating their apartment. These by-laws are legally required to comply with.

The elegance of these by-laws essentially governs a range of activities such as noise levels and outline what you can or can't do when renovating an apartment. There are many by-laws which often vary in accordance with what you wish to do for your apartment renovation. 

The most common by-law required to be passed by Strata for any unit renovation would be if there are certain changes to common property. Waterproofing is involved in a bathroom renovation. The waterproofing membrane itself is considered common property. Thus, a certain by-law allowing new waterproofing in this or any other wet areas is required. A bathroom, balcony or laundry is considered a wet area for an apartment renovation.

With the attained by-law, the owners corporation will then decide through a special resolution at an AMG or EGM to make or change a by-law. The success of this lodgement is relied on by a 75 percent vote involving lot owners. 

More information regarding apartment renovation by-laws can be found at the NSW Government page; Understanding By-Laws

Noise Regulations & Management in Apartment Renovations 

Apartment renovations involve tasks that are noisy and dusty. It is important that certain activities and tasks involved in an apartment renovation are timed and scheduled with notifications provided to all neighbours of noisy and upcoming works. This will give the neighbours plenty of time to prepare their activities on that certain day. This ensures that the apartment renovation is neighbour friendly.

Notifying neighbours is crucial as it allows them to be aware of the noisy days and parking for the builder and the many contractors associated with the project.

Many Strata companies that look after apartment blocks implement strict rules for noise and sounds made by power tools. This ensures the apartment renovation is completely fair and neighbour friendly for all parties.

Working hours from us are from 8am-3pm during weekdays. For weekdays, hours are from 8am-12 midday.

We tend to take a more communal approach for our apartment/unit renovations by limiting the impacts that our trades and workers may have on neighbours in the apartments. 

Upon approval by Strata, we will drop letters to all adjacent neighbours as a courtesy reminder that upcoming works will be occurring. This ensures that the renovation is no surprise to anyone. The letter will contain a contact number for any emergencies, the time frame of the works and noisy work dates. 

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Understanding The Apartment Renovation Approval Process Via Strata  

With all associated works within an apartment renovation, you will need to obtain the approval from the Owners Corporation of  your unique strata title. No matter how small or cosmetic the apartment renovation may be, you will always need to liaise with them. The Owners Corporation represent all the owners in the apartment block - including yourself. Thus, you are made responsbile for managing the building and approving renovations too. 

 If you are interested in an apartment renovation - the first and best thing would be to reach out and read into the approval process for your building and associated by-laws. You can also required an apartment renovation application form to get the ball rolling.

If you decide to adventure your apartment renovation with our team, we have a very specific approach for our renovations; 

  • We will come out to meet you in person at the apartment. We will go through all the details of the apartment renovation with you. 

  • We will prepare a ball-park quotation for your review. If it is within budget, we will then proceed to the next steps of a formal quotation for you. 

  • If  you decide to accept our quotation, we will send you a contract for you to sign and fill along with a scope of works and our licenses and insurances. 

  • The deposit will be paid along with a signed contract.

  • We will submit all necessary paperwork's to the Owners Corporation for processing and approval. 

  • The form is then reviewed by the Strata Committee outlining your apartment renovation. 

  • Once approved,  we can commence works within that week. 

We kindly remind all apartment owners that  we have no control of the approval period for your apartment renovation. For more details please view; Understanding By-Laws

Contractors for Apartment Renovations

With most apartment renovations, the Owners Corporation will require you to provide details of the contractors associated and working on your renovation. 

Being a professional renovation company, our licenses and insurances along with a list of all of contractors licenses will be submitted. This should ensure that the approval of your apartment renovation is made ASAP. 

All of our trades are licensed and insured for all the works involved in the apartment renovation. Being a trusted company, we have our own company licenses and insurances including our contractor (builders) license and a company license. This is also accompanied by our public liability and warranties. We provide all this to you and the Owners Corporation. 

Apartment Kitchen Renovations 

Thinking of renovating your kitchen?  There are one million and one reasons why a kitchen should be renovated - take a look here. A new kitchen improves the sustainability and efficiency of a home.

Think of it like this - every single day you will at least walk into your kitchen once. If you think your apartment kitchen is outdated or falling apart, its definitely time for a kitchen upgrade. The most crucial factor in all apartment renovations is the kitchen apartment renovations works..

Ranging from small kitchen apartment renovations to the large ones, we've seen it and most likely renovated all.

We are familiar with the various shapes that a kitchen may take on and we have a apartment kitchen design, layout and a very good idea ready at hand for all our clients.  As for the kitchen apartment renovations cost, the starting rate in Sydney is usually around 18k for a standard apartment kitchen renovation.  

As we say time and time again, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Show it some love and renovate your kitchen! Whether its through creating more storage or improving the kitchens functionality... Fine Touch Group has you covered in your kitchen apartment renovations.
Depending on the clients budget, our kitchen packages are a complete must in our apartment renovations. We aim to utilise your kitchens "playing space" and improve it with a refined and sophisticated interior design to improve the accessibility, durability and functionality of your kitchen. All our materials are high-grade.

Apartment Bathroom Renovations 

Planning to have a new bathroom from our apartment renovations packages? Have a read at the 7 reasons why you should renovate your bathroom.

The bathroom is second in the most crucial improvements to be made in any apartment renovations. One of the best ways to refurnish and breathe new life into your apartment is to renovate your bathroom. Our apartment renovations involving bathrooms have a gorgeous touch to each.

Bathroom apartment renovations does not mean deconstructing your bathroom completely – simply replacing your vanity or shower can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your bathroom - even the most simplest things like such can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

No need to panic on the bathroom apartment renovations cost. This is where Fine Touch Group comes in... we will redesign your bathroom, giving  you the best possible layout in the presented "space" of the apartment renovations to your bathroom and then we work around this. It is important that space is maximised in the bathroom to allow the apartment owner to feel free and not restricted in their bathroom.

From our apartment renovations bathroom packages, the client is able to select their PC items and appliances in their bathroom from our Harvey Norman booklets that are unique to us. Depends on the clients selection, we can usually get selected tapware, PC items and appliances fairly cheap with our Harvey Norman Commercial rates which will save you some cash. 

We have our own unique tile suppliers that we send our clients to so that they can pick their wall and floor tiles without confusion or hesitation. It really is a simple process - we've made it so easy and headache free for you. 
Thinking of custom made joinery in your bathroom? No problem - our joinery designer will come up with an amazing apartment bathroom renovation joinery layout for the client to review, alter or proceed with.

An important note for an apartment bathroom renovation is that waterproofing must be spot-on to avoid waterproofing failure. Don't stress, we have  We have you covered in your apartment bathroom renovation from start to finish. 
The client will involved through every process in their renovation - this includes all decision-making, PC item and tile selections. We also provide our own in-house waterproofing. We handle your bathroom from strata submissions to handover with ease and reliability.