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Apartment & UNIT KITCHEN  Renovations

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Sydney Apartment Kitchen Renovations

Thinking of renovating your kitchen?  There are one million and one reasons why a kitchen should be renovated - take a look here. A new kitchen improves the sustainability and efficiency of a home.

Think of it like this - every single day you will at least walk into your kitchen once. If you think your apartment kitchen is outdated or falling apart, its definitely time for a kitchen upgrade. The most crucial factor in all apartment renovations is the kitchen apartment renovations works..

Ranging from small kitchen apartment renovations to the large ones, we've seen it and most likely renovated all.

We are familiar with the various shapes that a kitchen may take on and we have a apartment kitchen design, layout and a very good idea ready at hand for all our clients.  As for the kitchen apartment renovations cost, the starting rate in Sydney is usually around 18k for a standard apartment kitchen renovation.  

As we say time and time again, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Show it some love and renovate your kitchen! Whether its through creating more storage or improving the kitchens functionality... Fine Touch Group has you covered in your kitchen apartment renovations.
Depending on the clients budget, our kitchen packages are a complete must in our apartment renovations. We aim to utilise your kitchens "playing space" and improve it with a refined and sophisticated interior design to improve the accessibility, durability and functionality of your kitchen. All our materials are high-grade.

Unit Kitchen Renovations - Design

The success of Fine Touch Group in renovating apartment and unit kitchens is completely in respect to the designs and layouts that we produce for clients.

Weather it's a single wall, U-shaped or a corner-designed kitchen - Fine Touch Group are well and truly specialised in relocating important plumbing and electrical points, relocating aspects of the kitchen or re-sizing the entire kitchen. 

This can include removing interior walls or enclosing certain aspects of the kitchen. 

We have you covered in your apartment kitchen renovation from start to finish. 


Unit Kitchen Renovations - Functionality

With close reference to the "working triangle", our team at Fine Touch Group ensure the balance in the apartment kitchen is maintained in the renovation. Since functionality is of importance, it is very vital that the cooktop, sink and fridge are all kept close in a working triangle for our client.

Our design is made to suit the owners needs and wants but we also keep functionality at the top.

Space however cannot be compromised. We ensure that space is ensured to the important locations of the kitchen which can improve movement in the small area. 

Thus, the working triangle is a perfect representation of every Fine Touch Group apartment/unit kitchen renovation. 


Unit Kitchen Renovations - Lifestyle

With state of the art designs, our apartment and unit kitchen renovations simply reflect the lifestyle of the owner. The design of the actual kitchen should reflect the space provided.

Having renovated hundreds of beautiful apartment kitchens across Sydney, we can truly say that our kitchen renovations are a representation of our clients life style and their needs and wants. 

With a well-thought out and well structured Apartment Renovation Schedule, we detail out an approach for our home owners in the apartment kitchen renovation.

We simply aim to exceed our clients expectations and deliver time-less apartment kitchen renovations. Give us a call today to get in touch so we can transform your apartment kitchen. 


Sydney Apartment Kitchen Renovations 

As with all homes and apartments, kitchens are said to be one of the most important aspects. In order for a kitchen to have its maximised potential there needs to be a balance in the space provided, durability and it needs to be well thought out with its design. Each kitchen has its own design and layout which therefore needs its own functionalities. 

That is why are the perfect candidates for your apartment kitchen renovation.

Focusing on functionality and style, we ensure that your apartment kitchen renovation ticks all your needs and desires. Since our home owners spend plenty of time in the kitchen, it is important that the kitchen renovation is conducted neatly and up to standard. 

It is true what they say. Kitchens sell houses and increase the value to the property dramatically. So if you are interested in renovating your kitchen, contact us today. 

With limited room in an apartment, an apartment kitchen renovation needs to be effectively optimised so that you can work freely in a small space. However, this must be complimented with style since it will be the busiest room in your home. It must represent your life style.

Having renovated hundreds of stunning apartment kitchens across Sydney, we are experienced in the game. We focus on three main aspects which include: Design, functionality and life style. 


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