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Apartment & Units Renovation Checklist 

Apartment & Units Renovation Checklist 

The planning stage in an apartment renovation is by far the most crucial stage. This is why we have prepared an apartment renovation checklist for  you to follow. This will ensure that the renovation is smooth sailing and there are no surprises down the track. 

You would think that renovating an apartment is a lot more simpler than renovating a house. But this is actually incorrect. For apartment renovations, you have to deal with bodies like the Owners Corporation to get approval for the renovation - and this takes time!

If you commence works without approval from the Strata, you as the apartment owner will be in trouble. This is why it is best to follow all instructions and to select your builder who will do things the right way. 

In regards to the apartment renovation, understanding your budget is the main priority. As with a budget, you will be given an insight into what you can and can't do with it. This will ultimately determine the size of  your project. 

Being experienced with many Strata managers and Owners Corporations - we have worked on countless of apartment renovations across Sydney. So we are very familiar with the processes involved. 

To begin the exciting adventure in renovating your apartment, we need to be sure that everything is in place and things are clear. To ensure that the apartment renovation will run smoothly we need to ensure that;


  • The apartment renovation is neighbour friendly

  • Communication is kept always in all stages of the apartment renovation between both the contractor (us) and the client.

  • All works are completed lawfully and in accordance with by-laws.

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Apartment & Units Renovation Checklist: Follow these steps for a smooth job with no headaches

Lets go through all the apartment renovation steps that will ensure that you have a smooth project with no fall outs or surprises. 

We have you covered. 

Decision Making & Practicality in Your Apartment Renovation

The first step would be to decide exactly what you would like in your apartment renovation. Don't forget that each renovation design is tailored to the presented space and the owners taste and opinions for their apartment. 

To conquer this never-ending fantasy - you should write a checklist on what you can and can't have in your apartment and work around it. 

After this is complete, you can finally start researching what materials, specs and appliances you would like for your apartment renovation. This has to be in accordance with the budget at hand. 

To begin the creativity for the apartment renovation, you can start gathering favourite colours, finishes and appliances that compliment your idea at hand. However, it is very important that the space is maximised. This can be found through the Lux Interiors and their recommendations and approaches in designing an apartment in relation to maximising space. 

It is also a good idea to get advice from some friends or family in case you have missed anything important in this stage. 


Trusting Your Builder & Delegated Project Manager

Getting your head around the apartment renovation is all good and all... but who is going to build it for you? All renovation works in relation to apartments needs to be carried out by a licensed builder with good experience.

It is also crucial that they carry appropriate insurances such as; public liability insurances and builders warranty insurance.  These are definitely required, so be sure to check if they are present. 

Home Owner Warranty should be issued prior to the commencement of any apartment renovation. 

We are fully licensed and insured for any type of renovation or build. We hold public liability insurance and workers insurance. All our sub-contractors that we use all are very experienced with licenses and insurances too. We have built a trusted relationship with them and they always work in a professional manner ensuring the project is completed properly with no shortcuts. We set the standard very high for our trades. 

Working with the Owners Corporation & Strata Managers

As we already know, when renovating an apartment - you will need to work with the Owners Corporation through a committee or executive committee. This is how you will get approval for your apartment renovation. 

With all associated works within an apartment renovation, you will need to obtain the approval from the Owners Corporation of  your unique strata title. No matter how small or cosmetic the apartment renovation may be, you will always need to liaise with them.

The Owners Corporation represent all the owners in the apartment block - including yourself. Thus, you are made responsible for managing the building and approving renovations too.  

If you are interested in an apartment renovation - the first and best thing would be to reach out and read into the approval process for your building and associated by-laws. You can also required an apartment renovation application form to get the ball rolling.

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