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The Apartment Renovation Process

How do our Apartment Renovations Operate?

1.  Preliminaries & Establishing the Project Foundation 

Apartment renovations being simple to complex by nature require a foundation. At this early stage we will organise a site inspection with you where we will go through the apartment renovation and gather all your aspirations and designs. We will ask you numerous questions in this stage so we can get our heads around the project. Questions include your hopes and aims all the way to the desired budget. 

This will assist us in producing a ballpark quotation for you. 

2.  Quotation & Contract 

After accepting our ballpark quotation, we will then move on to producing a formal quotation with a contract for you to sign and fill. This will be kept on both party records. 

We then move to the next step of gathering your strata details. 

3. Strata Submission 

We will then move forward to submitting an apartment renovation application with your strata. In this stage, we will also provide our licenses and insurances to the Strata & Body Corporate. 

We wait until Strata approval. 

4. Work Commencement 

Strata finally approves the renovation and we can commence works. At this stage we would have the design relatively refined and the materials ordered. 

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