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Small Apartment Renovations Sydney 

Small Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Renovations in Sydney 

There are many aspects involved within an apartment renovation. With many apartments being build,  small-space living has become a normal way of life in this current age. Through small renovations in apartments, home owners are able to make use of all the presented space in the apartment. This is where you can get creative and work with what you have been given.

With our apartment renovation specialist team ready at hand... we are here to help. 

Being well-known and established in our apartment renovations, we also offer small renovations such as kitchen and bathroom renovations along with laundry renovations. This is also not limited to flooring, painting and minor apartment renovation works which we are more than capable of handling. 


Small renovations can include minor apartment renovations such as changing a vanity in a bathroom to renovations of the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. 

Laundry and bathroom renovations are considered to be wet areas so they are considered major renovations under many Owner Corporations and Strata companies. Thus, proper waterproofing certification must be issued and this will be done by us. Kitchen renovations are under minor renovations but its always best to let the Strata know of these works. 

Smart Ideas for your Small Apartment Renovation

Working in small spaces can be a challenge at hand. But this is a challenge that must be faced by using maximisation techniques to ensure the renovation compliments the lifestyle you want to live. Through some simple techniques, you can make the most of your small space in your home in your apartment renovation. 

Making the Most of Dead Space

The use of dead space in a small apartment renovation - whether it be your bathroom, kitchen or laundry is very critical. This should be all considered in the design stage and planning of the small renovation. 

The use of custom made cabinetry or shelving in the bathroom can make all the difference in the world. Dead space can be utilised if you build the kitchen cabinets all the way to ceiling height in the kitchen. Not only does this prevent dust and grease build up on the top cupboards which are very hard to clean, it also creates a clean and sharp look to the kitchen. This idea further enhances the idea of using dead space in a small apartment renovation. 

Colour Selections 

The importance of colour and lighting in an apartment renovation is just as critical as using dead space in a small renovation. The power of colour allows certain moods to be portrayed and also affects the idea of space in an apartment. 

The white colours allow the room to look almost larger and more spacious where as dark colours create a tight and enclosed feel. It is important that you design and fit your colours in accordance with what look you want in your small renovation. 

Small Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Within an apartment renovation, the kitchen is automatically the first thing you will think of. That's because renovating your apartment kitchen is most definitely the most crucial part in apartment renovations.

From generation to generation and time to time, kitchens are timelessly referred to as the heart of the home - and we agree. To distinguish between good apartment renovations and bad apartment renovations, one must always look at the kitchen - the most crucial part of the home.

To ensure that an apartment renovation to the kitchen are done successfully, we must take into accountability 4 factors of the apartment kitchen. These factors include the apartment kitchen layout, materials and finishes, lighting and finishing touches. 

According to the interesting statistics that Houzz offers, in 2019 - the average spend on apartment renovations to the kitchen grew by 16 percent in the past 3 years which has accumulated to a median spend of $20,000.

Apartment renovations of the kitchen are by far the most popular home improvements to be made to an apartment, followed shortly by living rooms at 26% and 23%, respectively.

Bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries were all equally popular at 17%. Thus, these statistics show that you should consider remodelling your kitchen through brand new apartment renovations today.

Small Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Small bathroom renovations are all about making your bathroom unique, luxurious and spacious - space being the most important factor to master an a bathroom renovation. The most crucial thing in an apartment renovation is where the existing plumbing is located such as your toilet, vanity, shower and or bath.

For starters, all plumbing in NSW Sydney must meet the requirements outlined in the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). This particular standard outlines all the legal and technical standards in which plumbing and drainage work is followed. All our plumbers that we use are only of the best quality and have years of experience in bathroom renovations - they are all licensed by NSW Fair Trading.

As for the bathroom renovation cost? The main way to ensure that your bathroom renovation is within your budget and to save some cash, it's always best not to move existing plumbing and to leave as is. This because chasing and roughing in walls is much easier then chasing through the slab or bed.

But there are countless of ways to make your small bathroom renovation more spacious such as adopting a walk-in shower with frameless glass panels, wall hung vanities and wall-mounted toilets. 

Small Laundry Renovations Sydney

Why choose us for your small apartment renovation?

Small laundry renovations are usually small spaces. This means that the laundry must be well designed and planned prior to the renovation. It must be functional and have enough storage for all your linen, clothing and other items you keep in a laundry. 

The layout of the laundry renovation is critical. You need to assess if you can move freely so that you can streamline your workload and workflow. The layout must be sharp, practical and sensible. 

Another important factor in the laundry renovation would be to include moisture resistant cabinetry to ensure that the cabinetry does not rot or swell from the impending water. This is for durability purposes to ensure the laundry renovation will last a life-time. 

Being well-known apartment renovation specialists in Sydney - we strive to deliver your apartment renovation to success. This includes handling all matters from start to finish. Here are some reasons why you should go with us for your apartment renovation;

  • Our prices are budget friendly as we have less overheads in comparison to other companies. 

  • We are price flexible and are able to compete with other company prices in order to win the job. 

  • We are one of the top three renovation companies based on google reviews.

  • All our reviews on google are certified and legit. 

  • We have been doing real estate apartment renovation work for over 30+ years. 

  • We deliver our projects on-time.

  • We deliver our projects within budget.

  • We deliver our projects with an excellent finish with high grade attention to detail.

  • Our apartment renovations are neighbour friendly. 

  • We abide by all Strata & Owner Corporation By-laws to ensure the apartment renovation is friendly and legal on all ends. 

  • We offer guidance and support for our clients in every step of the way in their apartment renovation. 

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