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apartment renovation builders

Apartment Renovation Builders 

Specialising in apartment renovations, we are your local apartment renovation builders. We specialise in constructing and re-modelling the interior of your apartment.

These renovations include the full interior of an apartment such as:

- Bathroom renovations

- Laundry Renovations

- Flooring Renovations - includes hardwood, laminate, hybrid & carpet. 

- Painting & Decorating

- Strata approval processes
- General services in apartments

Being an apartment renovation builder, we allow home owners to contract us to provide them with a cost-effective way in remodelling their new home without bearing the costs of building a new home and building it from scratch. Its essentially a method that allows recreation rather then relocating which can be very costly. 

We range from small renovations such as cosmetic things to large scale internal renovations. These may include the removal of walls to create a more open space and home. This can essentially allow your apartment to have a more breathable environment, making a huge difference.  Most apartments around Sydney require a renovation nonetheless. Even if it simply involves updating an old bathroom or kitchen area or simply adding an internal laundry. Fine Touch Group apartment renovations is able to help home owners achieve what they desire in their apartment renovation. Space, light and movement is essential in an apartment as they are considerably much smaller than a house. Thus, utilising the techniques of creating a more open space can make a huge difference and definitely add more value to the apartment if you are thinking of selling or renting them out. An apartment can feel such as much as a home if you renovate it by thinking outside the box. 

Space is considered pivotal in an apartment renovation. Hence, our team can help you make the most of your renovation.

Some owners we have dealt with in the past are scared of neighbour complains. We as a specialised apartment renovation team are trained in causing minimal interruption during the apartment renovation. Our team is able to create your dream home on time and within budget.

We have completed hundreds of apartment renovations across Sydney. That's all we do!

Take a look at our work page for a glance of our work. 

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