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Renovation Tips To Transform An Apartment

There are major advantages in renovating an apartment as it increases the value of the home overall. It can also return a higher rental yield if you turn the property into an investment property and rent it out. 

On many real estate applications it displays photos of the apartment before and after being renovated - this gives buyers or people interested in renting a wow factor... thus adding and giving more 

Major renovations including the bathroom and the laundry add a specific wow factor to the properties value, however minor renovations such as a kitchen remodel or the replacement of carpet and fresh painting can also make a huge difference in the apartments value. Structural changes to the apartment such as removing walls and altering the interior walls and doors will have a huge impact on the apartments functionality, thus adding huge value to the apartment. However, this will require quite more spending compared to minor alterations.

So... lets take a look. 


Many old apartment blocks that were built in the 1970's have these strange looking 'popcorn ceilings' This olden-day look is known officially as 'vermiculite' which is sort of like a sprayed ceiling with coloured concrete which is textured like a pop-corn finish. Painting these ceilings can be a tricky one as with even the slight touch of the brush on this texture, all the paint on the brush is absorbed by it. It requires many coatings to completely cover the film on the ceiling.

There are two tactics to tackle the issue of vermiculite ceilings. There are many specialist companies that do these sort of works - they come in and spray the ceiling in four additional coats of vermiculite. Providing a white textured look, you wont have the option of including downlights as you would if you put a false ceiling.

So lets talk about false ceilings. All being dependant on the height you can play around with... the next technique would be to adopt a new false ceiling which is placed over the batons with a 'shadow-line' ceiling. Providing a flush and smooth finish, this adaptation method provides the apartment with a modern look especially if you incorporate downlights in the ceiling rather than simple LED Oyster lights which may appear cheap, considering if they are left with popcorn ceiling looks. 

This gives you the opportunity to add cornices to the ceiling if you like too!

The incorporation of LED downlights should be accompanied by dimmers to provide your apartment with a very competitive look... differentiating your apartment from the rest in the block - thus adding more value. 


Applying a fresh flick of paint is quite simply a no-brainer. Every property will appear its look with a fresh coat of paint. The key in ensuring that a paint job is done well is through the preparation - the flaking paint from the ceilings has to be done correctly to ensure it looks smooth.

If the walls are dirty, a wash-down with sugar soap is required before any painting is started. 

Providing the apartment with a white and more open/natural look greatly creates a contrast of light and brightness into the unit which makes it seem more open. Colour trends are simply never-ending. You can't go wrong with a white look. It will never be outdated. 


Every old apartment has very basic oyster lighting. It is mandatory that these are updated with brand new LED Oyster lighting or if you can put downlights - include them with dimmers.

These LED Oyster lights provide an extremely bright sensation to the apartment which can make a huge difference. The same deal applies to wall lighting which sets a particular sort of cosy mood. Be careful not to put electrical lighting points in places which is a bit of a hike as the conduit look on the wall or ceilings looks slightly cheap and ugly - only keep it where necessary. 

Along with a fresh coat of paint, apartment owners should always replace all the light switches and PowerPoints in the apartment. These PowerPoints should all be double too, to add additional power outlets, thus adding more value. The more, the merrier!

Lot owners can also think about relocating the switchboard from outside the apartment to inside. This is a lot more practical in case there is a fuse trip, which saves the trip from walking outside. More safer and faster! 


Many old apartments will most likely have carpet in the bedroom and living room, linen or vinyl in the kitchen. Some may also have parquetry floor in the living room or throughout. 

With people being more reliant on timber floorboards many buyers are starting to move away from carpet due to dust allergies and high maintenance. Timber, floating or hybrid floorboards are an excellent choice at hand for flooring depending on your budget. 

If you do opt for carpet, it must be a high quality carpet as buyers can immediately tell the difference from a cheap or synthetic carpet from products such as wool. 

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